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There are several reasons to go with us – Customer satisfaction is our motto.

Why Everest Machineries?

We offer value & assurance that Chinese machine dealers could not offer - One year warranty
- One year free service
- Supervised by the best technical experts
- Easily available spare parts
- The best service network all over India

are the unmatched features offered by Everest Machineries that no one else could offer!

Why Indian Machines ?

Unlike Chinese, our machines are

- 40% less noisy
- 30% less vibrating
- 25% and more savings in electricity
- Simple technology
- Twice in weight and strength
- Lower maintenance cost
- Availability of ISI grade spares in India
- Stable even after 24 hours of operation

Business Support

We at Everest Machineries help you for availing loan formalities from any of the nationalized bank in India. If you are planning to buy a paper cup machine from us (www.everestmachineries.com) we will help you to get loan by preparing documents with projected cost and profit and guiding you to furnish other requirements for the bank. We will also help you to get raw materials to produce corresponding products.